Asset Tracing

Our asset tracing practice, comprising a highly skilled and experienced global team, has a track record of locating and evidencing the ownership of over $5 billion of assets worldwide in recent years. Our meticulous and creative approach to asset tracing supports clients with a variety of objectives, including:

Our vigorous pursuit of every possible avenue in the search for assets sets us apart.  We combine an intricate knowledge of the way asset ownership and movement are recorded across jurisdictions with access to the sources of information where they appear, from ports to government registries, customs records to digital footprints, and archives to offshore leaks.  We bolster our investigations with intelligent use of advanced cyber and legal tools, as well as high-value human intelligence.

Using this hybrid method, we have a proven record of locating a vast array of assets, including real estate, corporate assets, financial assets, vehicles, boats, aircraft, receivables, plant and IP.  

We recognise that asset tracing is part of a wider process, whether it is a legal battle, a negotiation, or a campaign.  As such, we undertake our work and present our findings in a way that complements our clients' ultimate objectives.  This may include the following issues and considerations: