Enhanced Due Dilligence

In cases where a business decision or relationship requires further clarity, we undertake enhanced due diligence.  We are typically engaged by clients in high-risk situations who require specialist background research and analysis of a counterparty before continuing or proceeding with a relationship/deal.  This is typically in order to mitigate risk and/or to take adequate compliance measures.

We tackle due diligence exercises as bespoke assignments.  Headed by a case manager, our team will meticulously canvas the public record for a subject's corporate relationships, media profile (in both local and international publications), litigation history and regulatory standing. Any local language research is carried out by a relevant linguist or expert. This public records research is often enhanced with human intelligence and source enquiries to shed light on issues beyond the public domain. Our primary focus is to identify and analyse any red flags or risks that may be relevant to our clients.

The aim of our due diligence work is to provide our clients with an actionable result.  We judge our success by our clients' ability to make informed decisions. The scope of our due diligence work is worldwide and typically addresses these issues: