Cryptocurrency Claims and Recovery Service

May 27, 2021

We assist investors to recover losses from disreputable cryptocurrency outfits.  These include:


·        Fake ICOs

·        Crypto scams

·        Rug pulling

·        Misrepresented opportunities

·        Fraudulent cryptocurrency projects

·        Wrongdoing by cryptocurrency businesses and businesspeople.


Crystal Vantage specialises in investigations and asset recovery worldwide. We have the capability to:


·        Trace misappropriated funds and cryptocurrency coins

·        Uncover and evidence the wrongdoing of cryptocurrency businesses and other culprits

·        Trace the assets of parties that have unlawfully benefitted from wrongdoing

·        Instruct specialist legal counsel to freeze funds and enforce recovery in courts around the world

·        Return funds to claimants and defrauded parties.


We manage the recovery process from start to finish on behalf of investors with claims. If you have a claim, please register with us. We will contact you with details of how we can help.

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