Erika O'Leary

In-House Counsel & Director of Investigations

Erika is a dual qualified solicitor, qualified to practice both in England and Wales and the Republic of Ireland. As Director of Investigations, Erika manages a range of investigations specialising in those that underpin litigation, internal or regulatory investigations, asset-tracing and due diligence assignments.  

As an investigative lawyer with a distinguished track record, she specialises in unravelling complex cases with precision and discretion. Her unique skill set goes beyond traditional legal expertise, incorporating advanced investigative techniques, critical thinking, and an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth. With a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach to research, she excels in gathering and analysing evidence, conducting in-depth interviews, and leveraging legal and technological resources to ensure comprehensive investigations.

Erika has assisted private clients, law firms, corporates and both international and national sports organisations. Her notable work includes a complex cybercrime investigation leading to a private prosecution; multi-jurisdictional complex asset-tracing investigation into a high-profile judgement debtor, investigations into bribery and corruption at a global sports organisation leading to law enforcement indictments; and internal investigations into employee misconduct, counterfeiting, breaches of sports regulations and competition manipulation.

Having worked as a commercial litigation solicitor in private practice and before transitioning to private intelligence, Erika worked as sports lawyer in London and Switzerland. She holds an honours Commerce degree from University College Dublin, a postgraduate diploma in Law and is a qualified mediator. Alongside Crystal Vantage Erika is a former international equestrian athlete and a part-time actor.